Before the Bloom

A vulnerable seed plunged into the cold, dark earth. Enduring the unseen process of crushing. Breaking. Always pushing.  Twisting roots in anticipation of the challenge ahead.  

Reaching, grasping, straining in the dark.

Daring to peek into the world with a dainty tendril. Squinting in the sun. Bracing for each gust.  Learning to bend and sway.  

Ever straining toward the light.  

Finding confidence as daily winds strengthen.  Widening despite the dry crust.  Trusting roots in the scorching rays. Persevering without knowing what tomorrow holds. Growing deep while reaching high.

Trusting the hand that trims and guides.

Inhaling to prepare. Exhaling a bloom of glory.  Proving the persistence, the process, and the provision.  Worth it all. 


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