Celebrate Today

Not today.

Too busy.

Leave Mommy alone.

Maybe tomorrow.

Bills stacking.

Laundry spilling.

Messages waiting.

People pleasing.

Minutes ticking.

But what if tomorrow brings?

Unexpected news.

Devastating loss.

Startling diagnosis.

Missed opportunity.

Not today…again.

Too many tomorrows.

Grasping for yesterday.


Celebrate today. 

*** This post is a lot different than my usual story telling style. This year I have been unexpectedly forced to give up precious time with the ones that are so important to me. That time away has made the message of these words very precious to me. It is so easy to get caught up. Don’t trade today for for an uncertain tomorrow!

With these thoughts in my mind, my family and I created something fun to share with YOU! Click on the title of my printable list below and enter your email to receive my download:

“10 Ways to Connect When the Holidays Feel WEIRD”.

Connect with me. Tell me if you add something from my family’s list to your traditions this year. Send me your own ideas!

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