Maybe. Just Maybe.

We have an enemy.

He will twist anything and everything if that means he can take from us, leave us desperate, and ultimately destroy us. He’s been studying us humans for thousands of years, and by now he understands us better than we understand ourselves.  He wants our life so full of confusion, regretful decisions, and painful experiences with other humans that we start to mistrust and fear everything we come in contact with. Fear is his instrument. Our bodies were created to respond to fear of dangerous things in a healthy way…Fear was supposed to trigger us to run to safety.  

Instead, fear runs us headlong into destruction.

Fear is introduced to our everyday life from all angles. Our brains and body take notice. Our own brains are so powerful and so good at imagining the worst. So quickly our minds will  write a story about the future that hasn’t even happened yet. Our imaginations, worry, and anxiety begin to wire in a chronic fight or flight fear response to all kinds of otherwise harmless things in our daily life. 

Fear tightens its grip on us. 

Fear is now daily activating the response that is intended for life saving means. Except, our life is not in danger.  This overactive response begins to keep us from saying what we need to say.  It keeps us hiding and doubting and running away from the things we were created to do. It keeps us responding defensively instead of hearing other perspectives.  It keeps us from ideas that might bring real change, or really impact someone’s life. This fear keeps us from trying because we’re sure we’ll fail.  

Fear holds us in bondage.

God’s Word says, “Do not fear!”  Thank God it doesn’t leave us hanging to wonder, “How?” It is full of practical applications. A spark of hope lights in our heavy hearts.  

Maybe. Just maybe it is possible to overcome fear and live free. Listen in…

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