Nowhere to Turn

In this legendary story we’ll discuss today, the landscape of this group’s entire existence and identity is about to be significantly altered.  They’ve been slaves, and it is time to be free. Their owner finally releases them, and they go.  They step out…a whole nation of people to leave captivity and follow a leader named Moses who keeps telling them some really good news. 

They struggle to hope for a reality they can’t allow themselves to imagine.

He tells them that this God he knows has a safe place for them.  A land has been promised to them.  Desperate for change, they go. But then, their owner changes his mind. He realizes what he’s lost. He calls in his army and commands them to get his slaves back.These slaves are traveling slow with families and animals and everything they own. They look back and see a cloud of dust behind them. 

Captivity is pursuing them.  

They push forward only to discover that there is a huge body of water in front of them.  They’re trapped and they’re scared to death.  They are completely exhausted and now they’re mad. It looks like they have 2 options.  Die swimming in the sea, or die by the sword. They were slaves, not fighters.  In their moment of despair, they were about to meet this God who says something they’d never heard before.

“I will fight for you.”

Maybe those words will change the landscape of your identity…listen in!

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